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Hello and welcome to my official site! I am Tamás Fehér, a pencil artist from Hungary. I make handmade drawings of iconic watches.

My passion towards the world of watches started in my childhood, as my father used to work as a jeweller/watchmaker. Thanks to this, I was introduced to a wide variety of watches. From the start I was amazed by the complexity of these mechanical instruments, along with the beauty of different materials and finishes.

The love of drawing also came early to my life. I was obsessed with capturing anything that grabbed my attention.

Drawing watches started out as a hobby, but I got plenty of orders right from the beginning, making becoming a full time pencil artist possible, which is a dream come true.

I am devoted to making drawings of the most emblematic watches ever made, thus capturing these magnificent masterpieces for posterity.

A watch, to me, is not just a timepiece, but rather a way of self-expression.