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"Pepsi" Original

Price:   10000 USD
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It is an ultimate collector's favourite, Rolex's iconic GMT watch. The idea of this project came to my mind really long time ago. I know it is an important watch for many collectors, so I wanted to do something different this time. I’ve done a lot of research on the different coloured pencils to find the best one for this paper and my style. This tool is much more difficult to blend them together, but it is really interesting to see how many variations of these simple colours have. There was a great challenge to find a vintage Pespi bottle, because I wanted to match with the year of the watch. I found a bottle collector in my country. He had an insane collection of vintage bottles and caps. I picked the perfect one and some nice bottle cap as well. After that I had to destroy them.. I grabbed a hammer and broke into shivers. I placed them around the watch to show the original shape of the bottle. The whole drawing process was around 100 hours. 
Custom size, it is nearly 70x100 cm. 
It was a great journey. I think I will do more coloured artworks in the future.