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Sean Connery's iconic timepiece from the movies: "Dr. No (1962), From Russia with love (1963), Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965). 

The watch itself is a Rolex 6538 "Big crown" Submariner (introduced in 1955). When I decided to make the drawing, I had to dive into the history of the watch and the movies. I read everything about this watch and collected a big amount of high resolution pictures of it. It was a first iconic  watch in the franchise. This piece defined the "Bond watch" for every upcoming 007 movies. 
"So when Connery sparked his lighter and lingered over his Submariner, it cemented the watch as an icon in the eyes of millions. The spotlight shown on the Submariner on Bond’s wrist was hugely important in shaping people’s tastes around the world"

The most challenging part was to find the same strap for the drawing. Because it is not a simple nato strap. It is a Royal Scots government strap. I made a lot of research and find the perfect one. Unfortunatelly in black & white we can't see all its lines. 

Hand-drawing the woven strap proved was immensely challenging. I spent about 90-100 hours with this drawing, but I enjoy the classic Bond movies a little better after this project. 

  • Fine art gilcée prints made by Pigmenta Art Lab
  • Paper : Bockingford 300g by St. Cuthberts Mill
  • All art prints are handsigned by the artist
  • Certificate of authenticity with signature and the buyer’s name
  • Worldwide Fedex shipping and insurance